I’m a Design Director with Vox Media’s Storytelling Studio.


Recent Work

Vox’s Sarah Kliff reports on Obamacare enrollees who are already getting ready for repeal

Meet 10 Affordable Care Act enrollees who were able to pursue nontraditional careers because of the law. Now that the law’s future is in jeopardy, many of them are rearranging their lives.

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Curbed’s 10 streets that define America

Curbed went to 10 cities and reported from one street in each. Over the course of several months, photographers, videographers, editors, and engagement editors collaborated with the Storytelling Studio to produce this exhaustive look at the forces shaping our cities today. 

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Accessibility Guidelines and Checklist

In May of 2016, six Vox Media team members gathered in Washington, D.C., for two days to document accessibility best practices. Two months later, in July, we picked up the project again at our annual hack week, Vax. We sketched, wireframed, and built a checklist as a tool for teams to use.

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Case Study: Autotune Redesign

In June 2015 the Editorial Products group launched Autotune, a centralized management system for interactive storytelling tools. Our first priority after launching Autotune was to release as many tools as possible. It soon became clear, however, that the creation process was less than ideal, and we needed to reevaluate the product. 

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