Editorial Features

The Editorial Products team at Vox Media was responsible for designing and building custom, art directed features across all of our brands. During my time on the team, I worked on several projects doing visual design, layout, and art direction.


@MichelleObama: An exclusive look at how the First Lady mastered social media

Role: Design

The Verge had the opportunity to interview Michelle Obama about her social media strategies and initiatives. The Verge staff was invited to the White House to conduct a photoshoot and film a 360° interview. To add value to the high quality photography and video, we designed a custom feature. Using a custom type and color palette, the design complements the content without distracting from it.

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Developer: Josh Laincz
Designers: Jason Santa Maria, Tyson Whiting
Photographer: James Bareham
Writer: Kwame Opam
Editors: Nilay Patel, Michael Zelenko

Social asset designed by Dion Lee, Eater's Motion Graphics Designer

Social asset designed by Dion Lee, Eater's Motion Graphics Designer

Danny Meyer is Eliminating Tipping

Role: Design, Build

Ryan Sutton, the chief restaurant critic at Eater New York, reported that Danny Meyer was eliminating tipping from all of his restaurants. We had a major exclusive on the news and good lead time. We worked within the existing feature template that Chorus offers for Eater, and with a few small modifications, we were able to transform the feature layout into a format that added a meaningful enhancement to the content.

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The Great Weed Rebrand

Role: Design, Build

Racked's Chavie Lieber went to Colorado and reported on the cannabis lifestyle industry. Working within Racked’s existing feature template, we were able to add additional design elements to the story.  

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